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Who are we?

Wetlands Watch started in 1999 as a backyard group of Norfolk citizens concerned about dredging and wetlands destruction. Today, we are the only statewide organization in the Eastern United States working at the grassroots level with singular focus on saving wetlands.

Wetlands Watch works on the conseration and protection of wetlands through Education, Advocacy, and Activism. We educate people to care more about wetlands. We create programs and incentives for wetlands stewardship. We motivate indivudals, businesses, and government to care more about wetlands. Check out our WEBSITE.


Wetlands Watch's goals are pretty straightforward - we want to insure:

Wetlands Today - stop losing wetlands in Virginia by living up to our laws and promises

Wetlands Tomorrow - bring more wetlands back than we have today and more than we’ll lose over time

Wetlands Forever - get ready for sea level rise to keep from losing the gains we’ve made

Much of our work in recent years has been focused on adapting wetlands to the impacts of cliamte change, mostly the impacts of sea level rise in Virginia's tidal reaches. We are seeking to limit the development of land behind today's tidal wetlands, land onto which the wetlands will migrate.

As a result most of our work has shifted to the local government level, where land use decisions are made. We are using every tool to affect development decisions - flood insurance, private insurance and financing, public safety concerns, and the like. As a result we have made significant progress on adaptation in Virginia, and are poised to move ahead even more rapidly.

Recent Activity

May 01

Skip Stiles @Wetlands Watch shared a video: Bethel Beach and Sea Level Rise

7 years ago

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7 years ago

April 25

Web Master 2 @Wetlands Watch contributed to the wiki Profile Spotlight

7 years ago

Web Master 2 @Wetlands Watch: Glad to have the Wetlands Watch team now participating in Hampton Roads Cares. Keep your eyes open, because we’re in the process of creating a Sea Level Rising app in collaboration with them with lots of activity coordinated through this site

7 years ago

Organization Information

  • Contact Information: Phone: (757) 623-4835
  • Founded: 1999
  • Founder: Jay Taylor, John Blandin, Mason Andrews
  • Headquarters: Norfolk, VA
  • No. of Employees: 3
  • Area(s) Served: Virginia
  • Type: Education

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