Virginia Beach SPCA

  • 3040 Holland Rd.
  • Virginia Beach, VA
  • 23453
  • (757) 427-0070

The Virginia Beach SPCA takes in and cares for nearly 4,000 homeless domestic animals each year, 2 1/2 times more companion animals than any other private humane organization in the region.We are an open-access shelter, which means we take EVERY animal that comes through our door.We never pick and choose which animals we take based on adoptability!

It is the mission of the Virginia Beach SPCA to create a more humane region for animals and human beings by affirming the values of compassion, tolerance, respect and empathy which will decrease our community’s tolerance for cruelty while increasing its capacity for compassion.In support of this, our outreach and humane education programs have expanded to serve almost 100,000 children just over the past four years.As the only humane organization to hold a state and federal permit for the rehabilitation and release of wildlife, we take in nearly 2,000 wildlife animals annually.We were the first in Virginia to spay/neuter animals in our shelter prior to adoption and the first to sterilize the public’s animals. This initiative has grown to also encompass a mobile medical unit, the Neuter Scooter, allowing us to extend sterilization services to animals in other communities.As a regional resource, we are committed to our core objectives and take our role seriously as a model for practices that extend the reach of our mission.

Our annual operating budget of $2.6 million dollars is raised primarily from individual donors in our community through programs we offer, events and outreach opportunities that educate the community about how the Virginia Beach SPCA serves the community. This support has been sustained even in these very difficult economic times and is a testament to the trust and belief these donors have in our capabilities and accomplishments.We are proud to report that in May, the Virginia Beach SPCA was again named one of the "Top 10 Charities to Watch" nationwide by Charity Navigator.This marks our 7th consecutive 4-star ranking, putting the Virginia Beach SPCA among only 2% of the 5,500 organizations rated by this organization.Our primary governing principle is to manage all funding and donations entrusted to us in the most responsible and efficient manner.

Who are we?

The mission of the Virginia Beach SPCA is to help create communities with an increased capacity for compassion and a decreased tolerance for cruelty.


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Organization Information

  • Contact Information: Phone: (757) 427-0070
  • Founded: 1966
  • Headquarters: Virginia Beach, VA
  • Hours of operation: 10am - 4pm

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The Virginia Beach SPCA is the best place in South Hampton Roads to find the right pet for you! Our adoption packages include spay/neuter (if needed), de-wormer, flea treatment, behavioral assessment, nail clipping, ear cleaning, heartworm test (canine), Microchip (canine/feline) and basic vaccinations.

If you are interested in adopting a pet, please take a few moments to read the How to Adopt page regarding adoption. We are looking for permanent, responsible homes for our animals. Please remember that owning a pet is a lifetime commitment.

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