Sea Level Rise


Sea Level Rise 2.0 IS HERE!

Posted by Matt Rajkowski on October 3, 2016 11:00 AM EDT
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An update in the app store is pending... in the next day or so you will see the update available.

Sea Level Rise 2.0 is a major update which allows anyone in the world to begin mapping sea level rise! We started in Hampton Roads, Virginia and have learned from the mapping efforts of 1,000s of volunteers along the U.S. coast. In this updated release you can start a regional group, schedule your own mapping events, and use GPS tools to contribute data points for weather and tide events. Since we have made many improvements to the scope of the app, existing users are being asked to sign up again to be able to manage and participate in their own regional groups. We look forward to future mappings with you!

If your device is setup to auto-update then you will get the update automatically. If you have an existing user account then please create a new user account when prompted.

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