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Contact InformationPhone: (757) 625-5857 Email: admin@primeplus.org
HeadquartersNorfolk Fitness & Wellness Center
ServicesProviding opportunities for older persons.

Organization Overview

Our Mission:

We change lives for adults age 50+ and we do it every day.

Our Vision:

All adults age 50 and up enjoy life to the fullest.

Our Values:

Primeplus NSC is committed to providing opportunities for older persons to continue to grow and contribute to their community, live life to its fullest, and participate in activities, as volunteers or students.

Primeplus NSC exists for, and is responsible to the community we serve, recognizing that people are individuals with changing needs. We seek innovative approaches that are accessible and responsive, emphasizing each person’s wholeness and uniqueness.

We are committed to excellence through teamwork, recognizing that open and effective communication is essential for board and staff effectiveness and to ensure we are aware of and able to meet the needs of our community.

Primeplus has a proven record of success! In the past twelve months:

11,897 hot, home-cooked meals were served, (83% increase over 2011).

44,047 hours of activities, classes & wellness services were provided, (12% increase)

2,089 low/fixed income seniors received support

2,011 curb-to-curb rides were provided, (24% increase)

60,999 informational inquiries were received from 4,787 older adults, caregivers and family members, (18% increase)

30,409 hours of respite care were provided through our Adult Day Services, keeping families intact and able to maintain their employment, (12% increase over 2011)

Background & History

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Management Team

Administrative Staff:

Lynne J. Berg - Executive Director

Chantel Randolph - Assistant Director

Christine M. Kroetsch - Accounting Specialist

Thomas Higgins - Donor Relations

Kim Johnke - Geriatric Care Manager

Gwen S. Kight - Membership Services Coordinator

Constance Conroy - First Impressions Specialist


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Philosophy & Culture

Healthy aging is no longer just a matter of health related care for seniors.Inactivity, lack of exercise, hunger, financial instability, poverty, lack of a support network at home, depression, and limited or no transportation and isolation also negatively impact successful aging. Focusing solely on health related issues without attending to the contributing factors listed above perpetuate poor health and increase difficulties experienced by many seniors. By promoting health through proper nutrition, combined with socialization through our congregate meal program, and by offering classes in fitness and wellness healthcare screenings, Primeplus supports older adults to age independently in their own homes. Through education, instruction and prevention, we work to minimize factors detracting from successful aging.

According to researchers, exercise provides many health benefits for successful aging and older adults can continue to maintain independence by staying physically active. Even moderate exercise and physical activity can improve the health of people who are frail, or who have diseases that accompany aging.Health classes range from Yoga (chair or floor), Water Therapy, Zumba Gold, Stretch, Flex & Tone, Tai Chi and Ballroom Dancing. We also offer a series of healthcare clinics, ranging from flu shots, blood pressure, hearing, and dental screenings to presentations and workshops by host guest speakers on a variety of health related topics such as diabetes or hypertension.


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