• 7300 Newport Ave, Suite 100
  • Norfolk, VA
  • 23505
  • (757) 625-5857

Who are we?

Mission Statement: To be the pre-eminent focal point for services, activities, and information addressing the needs and interests of older adults in South Hampton Roads. Vision: Primeplus Norfolk Senior Center is committed to providing opportunities for older persons to continue to grow and contribute to their community, live life to its fullest, and participate in activities, as volunteers or students, to meet social, emotional, physical, intellectual, and economic needs.

Recent Activity

June 20

Web Master 3 @Primeplus posted a classified ad BINGO

7 years ago

Web Master 3 @Primeplus posted a classified ad Volunteer Bingo Caller

7 years ago

June 03

Web Master 93 @Primeplus posted a photo: 44f97b_7e7525cc55454f8a1a5e5791a96fb2b2.gif_512.gif (Men Who Cook)

7 years ago

May 05

Web Master 2 @Primeplus: Uploaded a few photos from the Men Who Cook event on April 2. The event was a big success

1 decade ago

April 27

Philip Kessler @Primeplus scheduled Volunteer recognition

1 decade ago

March 22

Web Master 2 @Primeplus posted a classified ad Volunteer Drivers

1 decade ago

Organization Information

  • Contact Information: Phone: (757) 625-5857 Email: admin@primeplus.org
  • Headquarters: Norfolk Fitness & Wellness Center
  • Services: Providing opportunities for older persons.

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