Hampton Roads Cares

  • Concursive Corporation
  • Norfolk, VA
  • 23510


Who is behind Hampton Roads Cares?

This online community was initially launched as a collaboration between Concursive Corporation, an Intel Capital portfolio company based in Norfolk, and a number of local philanthropic individuals. Others eventually came into the fold including the Southeastern Virginia Red Cross and United Way agencies including Hope House, Prime Plus, and the Judeo Christian Outreach Center.

How can others become involved?

If you're a Hampton Roads based, federally designated not-for-profit we welcome your involvement. Simply go to the Organization module and "Add" yourself. Put in enough information so we can confirm that you're legitimate (e.g. website address, phone number, contact person) and we'll approve your listing. Approving you can take as little as a few hours or may take a day.

If you're a for-profit business, and you in some way relate to helping local businesses and organizations through the Covid-19 crisis, we'll be bringing up a Businesses area in which you can tell others about your products and services.

Is Hampton Roads Cares looking for volunteers?

Of course! Not only is Hampton Roads Cares looking for eager people to help out, but so are the non-profits our online community supports. So keep your eyes open for the "Volunteer" area that we will be turning on to see what opportunities are available.

How can we as a business participate?

There are two ways.

First, as noted above, when we turn on the "Businesses" module you can tell us about yourself.

And secondarily, as sponsors/underwriters. We're looking for a small group who see the value in what we're doing, can invest some resources, and for that we'll promote your generosity in terms of visibility and be extremely grateful. If you're interested and able, please Contact Us

How can Hampton Roads Cares be so efficient?

We achieve these efficiencies through three means. First, we utilize technology extensively. Second, our Underwriters cover the overhead that run the back end processes. And finally, we rely on the help and good graces of our volunteers.

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