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How does something become the "Daily Challenge"

They start as "suggestions". Eventually, any registered member of Hampton Roads Cares will be able to offer a suggestion. Then, suggestions go through three levels of scrutiny. (1) Do our community members "like" the suggestion. If they don't, it goes no further (2) Does it align with criteria our advisory board has laid out for what constitutes an appropriate challenge. And (3) Can our webmaster verify the authenticity via a credible source. These form the basis for what become "challenges"

1. Our criteria: There are no hard and fast rules, but suggestions pertaining to the following are what we're looking for:

  • The disadvantaged and/or handicapped
  • Kids and seniors
  • Educational: Science, Literature...
  • Creative: Art, Music, Writing...
  • It shows off our best and brightest (e.g. competition winners)
  • It "has legs"... it continues providing value over the long haul
  • It leverages existing assets or programs (e.g. cots for a homeless shelter)

Here are suggestions which we DON'T find acceptable:

  • We can't verify it by a non-profit type of institution (e.g. School, Church, Charity...)
  • It's purely financial and/or personal (e.g. money to pay off a loan)

2. Community "Likes": If lots of people who are registered in Hampton Roads Cares "like" your suggestion, your odds are greatly improved. Thus, you can help your chances by telling people you know to register at Hampton Roads Cares and say they "like" your suggestion. It's that easy.

3. Web Master Vetting: We'll only turn a suggestion into an active "Challenge" once we've vetted the cause and person/s are real. We do this by contacting a reliable source. You give us the name and contact information of somebody at either a church, school or non-profit organization and we simply give them a call.

How can I participate

1. Become a "micro philanthropist". This essentially means committing to donating $100 per year to causes you find interesting and/or worthwhile. This comes down to $2 per week. If you want to participate beyond that, that's even better. But just $2 per week really adds up when lots of people become involved. So come back every day and see if the "Daily Challenge" is something you'd like to help out with.

2. TELL a FRIEND: If you think this is a good thing, tell others. This is the most effective marketing of all.

3. Add a Suggestion: If you have a suggestion for a good "Challenge", put it in and then tell your friends and others about it. If it's a good idea and receives lots of "Likes" there's a good chance it will happen.

4. Employee "Matching" Programs: If you're a business, consider matching some amount of what your employees donate. Hampton Roads Cares makes this really easy from an administrative point of view. Your employees will love the idea. Go ahead and ask them.... we have. Then "Contact Us"

5. Sponsors: We support this entire endeavor via sponsorships. We only have a limited number of them, so if you're so inclined as a business or individual and want to help us out and get some great visibility for doing so, please "Contact Us"

History and Overview?

Hampton Roads Cares was originally conceived as a collaboration between Concursive Corporation, an Intel-back technology company based in Norfolk, and WVEC-TV, the ABC affiliate serving the region.

Beginning in April, 2011 the site will present Hampton Roads with a daily "Challenge" in the form of smaller deeds that need our support. By becoming "micro philanthropists" willing to give $2 per week, we as individuals can make them all happen. It will be easy, fun and do much good.

Challenges will ultimately come from this online community. Anyone can offer a "suggestion" (from within the "Challenges" area). Community members will tell us which they "Like" and we will then chose one to become the daily Challenge.


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