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Supporting local causes and people that need them in Hampton Roads.

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Each day we'll be presenting our region with one or more interesting "Challenges" to do something good. And if each week we get just 5% of our citizens to give just $2 to a worthy cause ($100 per year makes you a "micro-philanthropist") our region gains an additional $8.5 million toward solving problems and helping those in need. AND EVERYTHING STAYS LOCAL!

Registration is free, so please become involved and commit to telling others -- which is all we're asking in this "Challenge."

Recent Activity

December 20

Eric Rogers @Hampton Roads Cares: Good coverage of Hiring Heroes event in VA Beach. Community Blueprint hosted a table: WAVY-TV NBC10 / WVBT-TV FOX43 - http://www.wavy.com/d...

10 years ago

November 26

Tom Manos @Hampton Roads Cares: I have posted the Innovators at Lunch webcast on the Webcasts page. Last week's webcast featured entrepreneur Mike Fleck.

10 years ago

November 09

Tom Manos @Hampton Roads Cares: We have posted the Innovators @ Lunch interview with We Are Titans at the bottom of the Webcasts page

10 years ago

October 26

Ellen Zeltmann @Hampton Roads Cares: Monthly meetings, 1st Tuesday at 7 p.m., Sentara Princess Anne Hospital, Va. Beach!

10 years ago

May 09

Web Master 2 @Hampton Roads Cares added a promotion HRCares Social Interns

April 29

Web Master 2 @Hampton Roads Cares: Getting to the final phases of launching Hampton Roads Cares. Bank account being finalized in Monarch, FAQs being written, WVEC working on PSAs, and charities giving us Suggestions/Challenges. Good stuff

1 decade ago

March 16

Web Master 2 @Hampton Roads Cares: Just added a suggestion for Beach Health Clinic. It's a great idea; they need bus tickets so needy patients can get to the clinic to receive their treatments. Consider Voting for this: http://hrcares.preview.concu...

1 decade ago


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