Help a Local Family Recover From a House Fire

The Red Cross provides food, clothing and lodging for a family of four

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This challenge helps the Southeastern Virginia Red Cross pay a portion of the funds needed to assist a family of four people that are like the 350 families each year that lose their home and possesions in our region due to fire. Almost every day in Hampton Roads families are left to watch helplessly as their homes, their memories, and nearly all their belongings go up in smoke.   That’s when the American Red Cross arrives.  Volunteers from our local chapter rush to the scene and provide comfort and basic neccessities.  Based on their needs, they provide food, clothing, a safe place to stay and a shoulder to lean on.  The Red Cross is able to do this thanks to the generosity of people like you.  Please support our local Red Cross so they can help our friends and neighbors in need.

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