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Another Perspective on "Personal Legacies"

Posted by Thomas Edwards on July 26, 2021 2:10 PM EDT
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The recent series of blog postings that Joe has presented in regards to his "Saturday Bike Rides with Bob" have been....

...interesting points of view about various topics related to pre-retirement planning and post-retirement lifestyle activities that are certain to add more "sparkle to one's golden years".  I applaud the depth of the blogs and the throughtful nature in which they are presented.  They often make me envious of the Saturday bike rides, which appear to be healthy living activities in their own rights.

What I like most about the series, though, is that the concepts are applicable to just about anyone, not necessarily only those who fit the audience the blog posts are aimed at...ie. those preparing for retirement in three to five years or those who are actively engaged in their retirements now.  In fact, most of them are relevant to anyone of any age and status vis-a-vis retirement.

However, one perspective that may not have been fully positioned in the most recent set of blogs related to "personal legacy" is that building an enduring and high impact legacy doesn't have to be a dramatic or super-sized achievement.  And like most activities that are designed to produce strong results in retirement years, such as financial planning, healthy lifestyle changes, education to prepare for active volunteering or even extended careers in retirement and strengthening social relationships, the activities that represent those that have the potential to build and pass on strong legacies of note are usually ones that should start well ahead of one's pre-retirement planning cycles.  And, in fact, should be considered throughout one's active career and pursuit of a healthy lifestyle and a life built upon purpose.

That said, my hope is that as readers stumble upon this series of "Saturday Bike Rides with Bob", they won't dismiss them as primarily applicable for older segments of the population but rather see them as important considerations throughout one's life.

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