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Saturday Bike Rides with Bob: Continued Career Wellbeing in Retirement

Posted by Joe Antle on June 6, 2021 4:25 PM EDT
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As an extension of our last topic and discussion a week earlier, Bob and I had a free-flowing discussion, in large part.....

....centered on an aspect of career wellbeing in retirement which is to reflect upon past social and professional engagements and update on their current status in their careers and in life in general.

Bob has said that a couple of key aspects to his fulfillment in his retirement are in some ways extensions of key aspects of his work life.  So, much of our recent ride was discussing updates on staff that we had both worked with, invested time in their development, celebrated their professional successes while working as our colleagues, and have continued to prosper after their newspaper and media careers took different turns.  Because Bob is a "people person" and has established that during his career and in his retirement years he continues to want to help guide people to succeed in their work lives by focusing on their strengths and applying them in new endeavors and often in new ways.  

It was a treat hearing Bob update me on the current successes of many of his proteges and seeing the pride he has in continuing to be a part of their career and professional support network even though he is doing so in retirement.  I was struck by how many examples he shared of people who we knew were successful for many years but have become even more so in their second and third careers.  While Bob would never claim credit for these post-career career successes, I know that in his caring for these people, and in his staying in touch with them and encouraging them that they have benefited and he has made a difference.

So, it may be true that this aspect of Bob's activities is career wellbeing with a social support focus or perhaps social wellbeing with a career development angle or a little of both.  I cannot say definitively which is the best way to see it.  However, I can say that it is clear that these relationships are ones that Bob cherishes and he takes as much pride in the progress of these people just as much as when he was paid to do so as part of his job.

And is typical fashion, Bob asked me what people do I still stay in touch with for the singular purpose of continuing to help those people succeed.  It was a question that I will ponder more as I near those retirement years a few years down the road.

In advance of our next Saturday bike ride, I offered a challenge to Bob which he happily accepted.  The challenge was to define the relationship or integration between the five essential elements of Gallup Inc.'s global wellbeing research (ie: career, financial, physical, social, and community) and the two other elements of wellbeing that are often cited and that Bob and I both believe are very important-emotional wellbeing (or emotional IQ) and spiritual wellbeing.  

I'll let you know what he comes up with...

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