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The Three F's (and a P) of Success

Posted by Thomas Edwards on February 7, 2019 11:30 AM EST
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Inspired by Chip Block's last blog posting, I thought I'd share another angle on the concept of performance....

...using a different sequence of letters.  Instead of the clever spin Chip used to reverse the popular "Four P's of Marketing" by leveraging the four M's of Performance, I am suggesting an even bigger idea than Performance by substituting Success in its place.  And I'm utilizing insight I have gained from an excellent book I just read to make the case of adding the notion of "three F's and a P".

Funky, to be sure.  While outstanding performance is an important objective, and individual, team or organization can reach a high level of performance and still not achieve success.  So, performance is just a part to the equation of reaching a higher level result-ultimately defined as success.  Let me explain and maybe bring some clarity to my thinking here.  First, let me begin with a very brief synopsis of the book that prompted this idea.

I recently completed reading an interesting and enlightening book called "Living on Purpose" which was written by Brandon Steiner a successful entrepreneur in the sports marketing business.  Mr. Steiner's book is written from the perspective of his own life's story and insights, lessons learned and perspectives provided to him by all manner of successful people he has met, known or worked with-including close friends and family members.

A key message in the book, which is a sort of compilation of success stories from his life and that of others, is that true success is really more than making money, winning contests or being famous and well-known.  In fact, he makes an important and strong case for SUCCESS and an even higher aspiration for a happy life-SIGNIFICANCE.  In fact, he notes that it was after he sold his business to a very large multi-national marketing organization and became wealthy as a result of that, that the realization hit him that he was not fully happy.  Making money, achieving a great business objective and being somewhat famous or known among professional athletes and others in the sports marketing world just wasn't enough to make him truly happy.

In the end, his formula for a truly successful life and one of great joy and happiness boils down to the following three F's and a P:





In essence, he acknowledges that other words that start with F are important-Family, Friends, Finesse, Focus.  But the big idea is that having a PURPOSE and constantly striving for improvements-growing daily in his faith, fortune and fitness are the things that have brought more happiness into this life and have risen above performance improvement and success alone.

So, while the four P's of Marketing can give a framework for improvements in business execution and strategy AND the four M's of Performance can provide direction on actions that can improve execution and organizational operational improvements, the idea here is that a better framework for a happier and more successful life can be found in growing daily in faith, fortune, and fitness with a focus on PURPOSE full living.

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