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As we stand at mid-year, 2020, it's important to consider the idea of how to apply "vison" and "focus" to a present that has been unpredictable beyond imagination-in only six months!  Not just "vision" in the long term sense of the word, but on specific points of value that can be created by aiming actions directly on the things that matter most.  And 2020, like most years, appears to be quite interesting as we look back on it at mid-year.  When you consider that there seems to be so many NEW challenges to be met and overcome (COVID-19, renewed social unrest and calls for racial equality and economic uncertainty and jobs loss), it is hard to decide which ones are the most important.  However, as we begn to build to deal with a series of seemingly overwhelming new circumstances the have been thrust onto the world.....

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While we celebrate our heritage and our proud history, let us not forget that America's values which were expressed 244 years ago and continues to guide this "great experiment in government".  On this profile page we have long opined on the importance of innovation as a critical tool for socio-economic progress.  We stand in absolute support of what has been the ultimate innovation.....

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Seeing What's Next

Posted by Chip Block on June 8, 2020 5:50 PM EDT
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The last three months of heart-breaking issues, battling COVID-19, social distancing, economic disruption of a magnitude that would have been previously unimaginable and.....

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