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PROOF™ CARES for Pregnant and Parenting Women

Posted by Joe Antle on June 6, 2021, 4:40 PM EDT
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Improving the lives and careers of people and enhancing their opportunities for employment and enabling their future employers to benefit....

...from their recovery is an important population and opportunity for PROOF™ to make a difference.  And partnering with healthcare and behavioral health services providers who are nonprofits, or NGOs, even in the private sector is a great way to make a difference and upgrade the sustained addiction recovery treatment services success for these participants from this important underserved population.

And consider the facts below:

“Substance misuse among pregnant women, including illicit substance use, misuse of prescribed medications, and binge drinking has increased year after year for the past decade.  Meeting the needs of pregnant women with substance use disorders require a collaborative approach among the courts and medical, substance use, child welfare, and early childhood providers who develop programs and deliver services to women, infants, and families”.

Source:  https://ncsacw.samhsa.gov/topics/pregnant-postpartum-women.aspx

“Programs that integrate practical and social supports with prenatal and postnatal health services, such as culture, transportation, childcare, and meals, and that address the fear of child apprehensions may have an advantage in terms of engaging women who otherwise have few reasons to trust the formal health care system”.


 PROOF™ can partner with some of our region’s premier community-based healthcare, social services, and healthcare education organizations to provide evidence of progress and success with the addiction recovery treatment service the emerging initiative called the Substance Use Disorder Pregnant and Parenting Collaborative (SUDPPW).   PROOF™ can provide the tangible, empirical, and science-based measurement of SUDPPW program participants’ success via lab-based toxicology tests using its innovative service, PROOF.  ARTS services providers will be able to include evidence of progress through lab-based testing and augment grant funding for substance abuse counseling and case management services.  It is anticipated that these services will be provided by various organizations within the region’s public health, private sector, and nonprofit social services organizations.  By including PROOF, SUDPPW will be an integrated and comprehensive service similar in construct to those provided by Physicians’ Health Programs. Of the activity measures, qualitative assessments and reports that can be produced to judge SUDPPW program participants’ progress, the most reliable and important is the test results that participants achieve which “prove” progress or not. 

Leveraging the Development staff resources of EVMS, RecoveryTrek would market PROOF telehealth drug-free workplace (DFW) testing and COVID-19 testing to leading employers in the region.  In addition to DFW testing, tracking and lab results documentation and reporting, some employers may refer employees who test positive to RecoveryTrek for its CareTrek EAP program enhancement through their EAP providers.  A portion of the proceeds from these testing and other services sales would be to donate provide FREE PROOFlab-based testing to the SUDPPW collaborative initiative.  This enables a more comprehensive solution modeled after evidence-based services provided to healthcare-licensed professionals through the Physicians Health Program model.  These services have existed for many years and have been very successful.  RecoveryTrek is based in Hampton Roads and is the nation’s leading third-party administrator for Physician Health Programs (PHP), a highly successful methodology for helping healthcare licensees stay on track with their addiction recovery treatment efforts.  The SUDPPW counseling, case management, support groups and lab-testing services administered through the SUDPPW workgroup and coordinated by participating ARTS providers using the RecoveryTrek and PROOF™cloud based technology. In tandem with RecoveryTrek’s expertise in third-party administration services of cloud-based software, mobile app technology, testing coordination and support, recordkeeping, and customer service, this will be a powerful combination for SUDPPW.  The concept could be branded:  Participating behavioral health providers and PROOF™: CARE for SUDPPW. 

The idea is that we would serve the current drug-free workplace testing being done by leading employers in the region and recommend that they "switch" their current COVID-19 and/or drug-free workplace testing to PROOF™.  
PROOFwould then take a portion of the proceeds of those sales and donate lab-based tests to the SUDPPW initiative so that testing can be incorporated into the SUDPPW's comprehensive services for its participants. (Think of "Tom's Shoes"...).
In this way, if successful, SUDPPW will include lab-based testing and have a program design similar to the highly successful Physician Health Programs. And in doing so, the lab-testing might not require much funding from primary sources such as grants, individual donations, and Medicaid. These traditional sources of funds would then primarily underwrite the case management, counseling, group meetings, and compliance monitoring services that various regional behavioral health and social services organizations would provide.

Source:  https://ncphp.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/PHPs-A-Model.pdf

Products and Services

The products that will be promoted through this EVMS and PROOF CARE for SUDPPW concept are:

·       RecoveryTrek’s PROOF COVID-19 testing and recordkeeping and reporting.

·       RecoveryTrek’s PROOF™ DFW testing and recordkeeping and results reporting.

·       SUDPPWs substance abuse assessment, participant intake process, recovery plan design. counseling services, monitoring, meetings attendance, test results and recovery certification.

·      We have processed thousands of successful drug and alcohol tests, and have expanded our innovative, comprehensive PROOF™ services to the effort to constrain the spread of COVID-19 in the work environment.  In fact, we believe that the proven and patented PROOF at-home collection solution is also an effective tool in assisting clinician-trained members of staffs such as employers’ EAP providers or workplace health and safety program administrators, to be able to complete COVID-19 testing with the same level of experience, professionalism, safety and accuracy of the much higher costs of using trained clinicians to do manual collections, tracking, recordkeeping and shipping.

CareTrek EAP enhancement program is available to leading employers who have drug free workplace policies and want to refer positive testers to treatment so they can maintain their employment status.

For purposes of this proposed concept, CareTrek is essentially the combination of RecoveryTrek’s aftercare program called MyRecoveryTrek and the assessment, counseling, monitoring and recovery certification services that would be provided by participating SUDPPW providers and other behavioral health providers in the region or by existing RecoveryTrek partners such as Trust Recovery.

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