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PROOF™ CARES for Military Veterans

Posted by Joe Antle on April 10, 2021, 10:20 AM EDT
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Problem Statement: “There is a clear need for the development of novel, more effective, evidence-based interventions to address the health care needs of our veterans and their family members struggling with SUDs. Efforts to overcome barriers.... 

...to those seeking treatment are needed so that veterans in need of services are able to access treatment and experience long-term recovery”. Source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/

Business Concept Solution:

A portion of the proceeds from PROOF testing services purchased by employers as an alternative to their current employee testing programs, will be donated to slected nonprofits in the mental health and substance abuse recovery treatment services for military veterans space. These funds will support delivery of comprehensive addition recovery effectiveness programs to military veterans who have been diagnosed as having “co-occurring” conditions of mental health and substance use disorder (SUD). The solution will be modeled after comprehensive and evidence-based services provided to licensed health professionals using the Physicians Health Program (PHP) model. RecoveryTrek is the nation’s leading third-party administrator for PHP programs and is a SDVOSB certified business. The SUD counseling and case management services will be provided by the two non-profits.

Products and Services:

The products that will be promoted through this PROOF CARES for Military Veterans concept are:

·         RecoveryTrek’s PROOF COVID-19 testing, record keeping and reporting.

·         RecoveryTrek’s PROOF™ DFW testing, record keeping and reporting.

·        Selected nonprofits' substance abuse assessment, recovery plan design, SUD counseling services, monitoring, meetings attendance, recovery certification.

·         RecoveryTrek’s CareTrek EAP enhancement concept (MyRecoveryTrek plus SUD counseling)

·         PTSD and/other mental health depression support group services, along with “ARTS”.

Sales Promotion:

RecoveryTrek Business Development staff will work closely with the Funds Development staffs of selected nonprofits to market the concept to employers throughout their respective regions. This marketing and direct sales effort will focus on email and phone contact efforts, and appointments to present the concept and propose switching the employers’ drug-free workplace and COVID-19 testing services to RecoveryTrek and PROOF. This focus on PROOF will include these specific point solutions:

·         PROOFCOVID-19 return-to-work, for reasonable suspicion

·         PROOFDrug free workplace DFW testing: pre-employment, reasonable suspicion, return to work, post-accident and randomized testing.

Sales Process:

·         Email message introducing PROOF CARES for Military Veterans concept employers.

·         Follow-up phone call by RecoveryTrek Business Development (Joe) to set appointments.

·         1st appointment: initial questions, presentation, PROOF™ demo, request for proposal

·         2nd appointment: present proposal, answer questions, negotiate implementation process.

Pricing Values:

Integrated pricing including lab analysis, shipping, online video verification, training, support and percent of proceeds contribution to nonprofits to provide services to military veterans.



Place (Distribution) Matters:

Telehealth is a major component of how services will be delivered to cliients, both the employers and military veterans who will recived the services from selected nonprofits who specialize in delivering mental health and substance abuse recovery treatment services for military veterans.  Telehealth provides an innovative, secure, safe, convenient and reliable method for providing all of the services necessary to support evicence-based recovery, whether that is counseling sessions, random testing, support networks, meetings attendance, compliance monitoring and records keeping, and results reporting.


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