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CareTrek's "Secret Sauce"

Posted by Joe Antle on April 5, 2021, 5:40 PM EDT
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Recently a friend asked me an interesting question, which was actually two questions in one.  He asked me....

...so what is the key ingredient and thing that is an underlying premise to what could be a promising success with CareTrek and what trends today support that becoming even more important in the future?  And how does PROOF™ fit into CareTrek's unique formula and integrated comprehensive addiction recovery effectiveness programs?

Implied in his question (or two) is that like all great recipes, or formulas or methodologies, there are many different parts.  And the sequence of how these different parts build synergy and a greater "whole" is a key lesson in the concept of The Third Way of innovation which was the topic of the last series of blog posts.  So, his question(s) were relevant.  Not just as a follow-on to the principles shared about The Third Way of innovation, but as a better understanding of what current changes serve to make the value proposition of CareTrek more relevant today than a year ago and perhaps ever-increasing going forward.

I told him that without a doubt since at the heart of the CareTrek concept is providing an evidence-based solution that delivers on the value drivers of convenience, affordability, reliability, effectiveness, safety, and support, his question could be answered in a variety of ways.  However, I also told him that without a doubt it is telehealth.  And the current events driven by the pandemic has made the issue of substance abuse rise in importance and the familiarity with using telehealth to provide more convenience, safety, and lower-cost access to effective support and advice/direction and easier measurement through PROOF™ tests.  After all, PROOF™ has had terrific success in providing convenient, affordable, reliable, efficient, safe and supported telehealth end-to-end employment testing.

Applying the principles of telehealth along with the tried and true formula of the physician health program recovery model is the "secret sauce" of creating and delivering a workable, sustainable and repeatable model of substance abuse recovery treatment services.  And it is the emergence of telehealth as a key component to providing "better than good enough" solutions for SUD recovery services and support to the mass market of consumers who need them to enjoy better work lives and better lives in general.

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