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The Third Way: Decision 4-How Will You Deliver Your Innovations? CareTrek's Way

Posted by Joe Antle on March 27, 2021, 9:35 AM EDT
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This could be a key decision because in a world of integrated solutions and seemingly one in which supply often exceeds demand....

...making the right call on how you deliver-distribute-an integrated solution is one that can make or break the product set, regardless of the perceived or real value to each of the component innovations surrounding the core product or service.

Making decision four work for the whole product, its complementary products and services innovations and the core product whereby the innovations that surround the core product are not free-standing values in and of themselves may be a bit of both art and science.  For many core products, services will be a key innovation that may make the core product more valuable or provide new usage context for the complete integrated solution.  On the other hand, in a world of services, the key component of delivery or distribution may be key to the service itself.  There may not be a product in the physical sense, but the physicality of using the right combination of high-tech and high-touch or place as a physical location for delivering the service bundle may matter a lot-by giving permanence, ease of location or access and perhaps a form of ensuring support beyond the website or self-service platform by which the service may typically be delivered.

The interesting phenomenon of personal in-place service is a key element to the appeal of Apple computing products in elegant but often crowded Apple retail stores.  On the other hand, having a way for customers to order items online and then pick them up at a physical store could be valuable to folks-consider Amazon's purchase of Whole Foods, or WalMart.com and the idea of picking up orders at the store nearby one's home.

In all cases, the concept of making it easy for the consumer to access the product and service bundle, use it quickly and in the manner the consumer prefers is an essential element to creating value and making the innovations that support the core product or service a "game-changing integrated product bundle".  Recall the easy is an acronym, that can be thought of as "effective" (product delivered accurately and on time", "affordable (product delivery doesn't cost me extra money or isn't full of add-on sales pitches, "simple" (hassle free delivery, either over the Internet or delivered to one's home or office) and "YOU" (the customer is in charge of which delivery channel and other factors the new product set is provided to him or her.

While this blog post concludes the four elements of "The Third Way" of implementing innovations, it represents an important consideration in all products and services.  Place matters and matters even more in the busy and budget-conscious consumer world of the modern era.

This is an important point of differentiation for CareTrek.  CareTrek takes the critical elements of comprehensive substance use disorder recovery treatment services and innovates by using the concept of "teleheatlh" and digital elements whereever it's possbile in the formula.  The Interet as a diusital informaton and connnection utility, cloud-based technologies, PROOF telehealth collections, video reviews and overnight shipping of specimen collections to world-class laboratory partners is key here.  And the use of social-collaboration project technologies built upon the framework and design and user friendliness of social media but using its own platform that is far more secure, pivate, and context-centric is the way CareTrek chooses to deliver its innovations.  This ensures that CareTrek, its partners, and its customers are able to take advantage of the most efficient, effective and controlled environment for delivering the CareTrek integrated solution made up of complementary products and services but whose design is patterned directly on the eidence-based services that work in the world of successful recovery while eliminating excess costs, inconvenience, poor access, time inefficiencies and privacy loss.

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