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From PROOF™ to CareTrek: Recovery Journey's Path to Success

Posted by Joe Antle on February 6, 2021 5:00 PM EST
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When asked what are the best steps and the most likely path to success for sustained recovery and career and job.....

...rediscovery, I almost always begin with the safest two words..."it depends".

Every person and every path taken for the journey or trek to sustained recovery are always similar, yet they are never exactly the same.  Much like stars in the universe and snow flakes, it is easy to spot and identify common traits, environmental influences and impacts, but yet each is unique.

However, when asked what role PROOF™plays in recovery and how best to include it in the customized path that CareTrek can provide, I like to begin with the basics.  So, here below are typical questions that help me provide direction to anyone whose career and job opportunities are in peril unless that become successful in recovery and have PROOF™of that.

What is CareTrek?

Comprehensive Addiction Recovery Employee Assistance Program Enhancement.  Its slogan can best be described as:  "Caress Hope,  Embrace Recovery, Succeed and Stay on Track.

Elements of CareTrek are:

-Substance Use Disorder (SUD)/ Recovery Coaching

-Drug and Alcohol Testing

-Monitoring/Meetings Attendance/

-Compliance Reporting

-MobileBAC Services & Support/

-Relapse Prevention for Employees and Professional Affiliates

-Opportunties for licensure to become a recovery peer assistant

Why is CareTrek necessary and how does it work?

Basic Value Proposition:  CareTrek enables employers (and professional affiliation groups) to provide their employees (and members) an evidence-based program to achieve successful SUD recovery, thus enabling the employees to extend their careers and improve their health.

Employer Value Proposition: CareTrek fits perfectly as an “enhancement” to an EAP service for employers who have an EAP offering as part of their employee benefits.  CareTrek is a perfect “standalone” EAP package of services for employers who don’t have an EAP offering as part of their employee benefits.  It enables employers to attract talent, improve employee retention and to increase productivity by helping reduce absenteeism.

Employee Value Proposition:  CareTrek enables employees and members of professional affiliation groups to participate in an evidence-based program to achieve success in their SUD recovery efforts, thus enabling the employees to continue their careers and improve their health and wellbeing.

What are the steps for implementing CareTrek, from the employer organizations' perspectives?

·         Step 1: Adjust DFW policy to allow for retained employment if employee tests positive but enters full CareTrek program

·         Step 2: Implement PROOF COVID-19 program for employees returning to work or to verify COVID-19 vaccines have created antibodies

·         Step 3: Set up PROOF Employer Solutions Portal (ie: ORG) and enter all employee participants there, with results

·         Step 4: Switch pre-employment, return to work and reasonable suspicion testing to PROOF

·         Step 5: Enroll all employees, or refer pre-employment prospective employees, that test positive into CareTrek full program

·         Step 6: for safety or mission-critical work, consider implementing randomized COVID-19 or DFW testing

What does the intake and support process look like from the employee participants perspectives?o   

Sales contact, CareTrek presentation with employer

Ongoing CareTrek internal employee communications and periodic “CareTrek EAP” education through employer-recommended channels (meetings, newsletters, employer websites, forums etc.)

Initial employee and/or EAP provider inquiry fielded (telephone or web)

Inquiry responded to within 1 business day - (ideally within 12 hours].

If prospect wants free consultation for Trust Recovery Recovery Coaching services, then demographic details will be captured on the intake form and emailed to Case Manager and posted in the CareTrek prospect’s profile module.

Name, Address, Mobile #, Age, Language, Occupation, Education, Drug(s) of Choice, Last use/sobriety date, Rehab facility, Name of Discharge COC coordinator, Date of DC from Facility, Marital Status, Children, Sponsor, etc.)

Consultation will be scheduled. Trust Recovery Licensed Case Manager will call the CareTrek employee prospect.

Trust Recovery Licensed Case Manager will prepare and distribute a one-sheet proposal / contract document to prospect based on their discussion.

Trust Recovery Licensed Case Manager will provide notes in employee participant portal and update Joe/SM on irregular activities and results

CareTrek Business Development and/or CareTrek channel partner will review in broad strokes the CareTrek employer’s employee participation data for employer’s EAP service as part of CareTrek’s EAP services


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