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More Information About PROOF™ "At-Home" COVID-19 (FDA-EUA) Testing

Posted by Joe Antle on December 28, 2020 10:30 AM EST
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When considering steps you want to take when deciding to have large numbers of people return to "places" for work, entertainment or study, you will certainly find the PROOF™ "At-Home" COVID-19 (FDA-EUA) Testing Service.....

...a solution worth testing.  

Consider the following information:

Over the past 10+ years, the technology behind drug testing has expanded to include alternative methods that produce accurate results more efficiently and cost-effectively than traditional drug testing methods. Oral fluid drug testing, for example, offers an easier collection process that is much less invasive and not subject to popular cheating efforts commonly associated with urine testing.

OraSure Technologies, a pioneer and recognized leader of oral fluid drug testing offers the industry’s most technologically advanced drug testing solutions including collection devices, drugs of abuse assays, and rapid alcohol testing.

At the same time, a relatively new and exciting collection process makes it possible for trained technicians to observe a collection without having to be in the same room as the donor. This process is often referred to as “telehealth” or remote video-observed collections. A telehealth collection is essentially a specimen collection that is performed without in-person interactions but instead conducted virtually using some form of a computer / internet-based platform. In most situations, these collections are performed using oral fluid (saliva).

Telehealth Collections

Until recently, no formal platform has been available for conducting telehealth collections. Introducing PROOF™ a patented mobile application platform that overcomes the limitations of other technologies and allows a telehealth collection to be conducted without the restrictions associated with brick and mortar collection facilities.

PROOF and OraSure Technologies have teamed up to offer the almost perfect solution to companies, treatment centers, and other organizations to get an accurate drug test result without incurring the expense and downtime sometimes associated with using off-site collection services.

An Almost  Perfect Combination

Oral fluid testing has proven to be a legally defensible and scientifically supportable method for drug testing. In fact, in October of 2019, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) issued final guidelines for the use of lab-based oral fluid drug testing in federal workplaces. Among the reasons SAMHSA stated for developing regulations for an alternative testing method were enhanced flexibility and versatility, decreased invalid tests, time savings, and versatility in detection.

As a relatively new product, you may wonder if telehealth collections are legal and whether PROOF can facilitate the collection of viable samples that can be used to produce accurate results.  Also, it is fair to ask if the telehealth collection process is user-friendly, practical, and a good match with common drug test situations.


“The scientific basis for the use of oral fluid as an alternative specimen for drug testing has now been broadly established and the advances in the use of oral fluid in detecting drugs have made it possible for this alternative specimen to be used in federal programs with the same level of confidence that has been applied to the use of urine...the OFMG provide the same scientific and forensic supportability of drug test results as the Urine Mandatory Guidelines for Federal Workplace Drug  Testing Programs.”


“Treatment providers should explore options for drug testing at a distance such as using oral fluid-based tests and/or home breathalyzer tests monitored via telehealth.”

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