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Healthier and Safer Workplaces in Virginia: The CareTrek and PROOF™ Answer # 10

Posted by Joe Antle on November 22, 2020 4:30 PM EST
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What is the best path to take in implementing a CareTrek and PROOF™ "healthier and safer workplace" initiative....

...given that large changes during times of disruption such as the COVID-19 pandemic has a significant impact on emotions, fear and uncertainty around health, economic disquilibrium and social equity issues and creates a bias to not taking on new initiatives and change?  

I will answer that question with a concept called the "PROOFto CareTrek Continuum", which I hope will make sense as to a logical and phased approach to strong change based on sequential actions leadership in leading employers can take.  However, before answering that question, which is important, I want to share a conceptual underpinning which is a fundamental foundation for the development of the "PROOFto CareTrek Continuum".  This concept has its foundation in the direct sales process for product and services purchases that are out of the ordinary in their nature, new, innovative or not typically purchased by organizations for by individuals.  

So, this approach for influencing purchase, or adoption of new products, services and ideasd can be looked at from the lens of the purchaser, whether that be a consumer, a decisionmaker or buyer in an organization of someone looking to implement something new that they may not have thought of prior to the selling person entering the picture.  The concept provides a perspective for a way of making bold change by taking  established incremental changes, sequentially.  More importantly and perhaps more relevant to the question is that this concept serves as a model for the "PROOF™ to CareTrek Continuum" which will be explained after presenting the concept it is based upon.  And it is the "PROOF™ to CareTrek Continuum" that answers question #10 regarding the best path in most organizations for implementing a CareTrek and PROOF™ "healthier and safer workplace" initiative.

The "PROOF™ to CareTrek Continuum"

Step 1:  Develop effective and sustainable COVID-19 Free and Drug-free Workplace Policies to ensure a safer and healthier work environment for employees and customers.

Step 2:  Implement the PROOF™ Employer Solutions Hub to effectively capture, document and track employee and visitor risks to COVID-19 and compliance with policies.

Step 3:  Provide PROOF™ COVID-19 low-cost or free at home tests to employees and visitors who have been identified as high-risk and confirm the need for quick response for positive tests.

Step 4:  Install "best in class "PROOF™ drug-free workplace testing for pre-employment, reasonable suspicion, random, return-to-work and post-accident drug testing to reduce risk, liability and ensure safety.

Step 5:  Refer all positive testers for drug-free workplace testing actions to CareTrek-approved addiction recovery treatment services to enable employees to save their careers and improve their lives.

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