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Our initial forums are launching over the coming days. When each one comes up they not only have tight, useful information, interactive forums, and best practices from leading organizations, but moderators from the region and nationally who have deep experience in and around the subject matter.

Our forums are free. All you need to do to access them is be a registered user of Hampton Roads Cares. Community Manager comment: registration allows us to keep out and remove bad actors and enables you to participate.

Navigating the Stimulus Programs

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New Federal funding is becoming available through the CARES Act. Those businesses that effectively take advantage of it have a leg up. We're here to help you navigate these waters

Lead Co-Moderators:

Steve Coplon

Johnnie Lloyd

Vendor & Supply Chain Mgmnt

Coming Soon

The purpose is help businesses create a strategy that identifies risk in their supply chain and formulate appropriate contingency plans if necessary

Lead Moderator:

Sammy Papert

David Richards

Managing Human Capital

Coming Soon

People are a businesses key asset, especially during a crisis. Our goal is to help businesses think through how to optimize their staffing and contract relationships

Lead Moderator:
Dan Bell


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