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  • 23701
  • (757) 748-0983

Who are we?

Youth Net is a online community for Christians, gamer and friends to come together and have fun.socialize with friends,spread God's word and to get help if They need it. Youth Net was developed in may 2009. Our community is where you can social with people, friends family and praise the lord at the same time. We have many Apps and they are here to entertain teens.Our help center help teen with all that need help. You do not have to believe in god or be a Christian to join Youth Net, everything is free

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Organization Information

  • Contact Information: Mikhail Telfair
  • Founded: 2009
  • Founder: Mikhail Telfair
  • Headquarters: Portsmouth,va
  • Services: Family services, youth and young adults services
  • Type: Public

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