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  • Hampton Roads, Virginia

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March 19

Community Manager 2 @Taking Control: We've tentatively scheduled our first webinar for next Tuesday, March 24. It's titled: "Take a deep breath and then take control". To participate, join this group and we'll send you the appropriate connection information.

6 months ago

Community Manager 2 @Taking Control: We're just getting going. In the coming days we will have an agenda, supporting materials and presenting experts for our first live webinar on this topic. So stay tuned, stay positive... we're getting there and we'll get through this together

6 months ago

Group Profile

"Taking Control" is open to all. You simply need to be a registered member of the site and ask to "Join". This group was brought up to support what we see as the first step in protecting a business from the instability brought on by Covid-19. And that step is the acknowledgement that you must "Take Control" and immediately put in place the basics of a plan. And it likely won't be easy -- which is why we're here. This forum and the information, webinars, and advisors associated with it aim at helping you do just that.
  • Founded: 2020
  • Founder: Hampton Roads Alliance
  • Services: Information & Collaboration

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