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There is a wealth of information out there on the CARES Act and other stimulus programs being conceived. Some of it is good and helpful; some of it less useful or even a waste of time. This forum area is moderated by local and national experts who are doing this on a volunteer basis. Our goal: to provide vetted information (mainly through Videos and Documents) and the means to ask questions (mainly through Q&A forums and live Webinars) to help you through the complexity.


Steve Coplon: Steve's background is in accounting. He's worked as a C-level executive for large corporations, is a proven entrepreneur having started several businesses including a 501C3, and has a 30 year track record as a senior consultant with the SBDC. One of the best ways to learn about or connect with Steve is through his work at Right Thinking Foundation

Johnnie Lloyd: Johnnie is also an accountant by training. She retired from government service with almost 30 years of bootstrap and executive experience. She has continuous experience in senior level executive positions working with profit and non-profit organizations. To connect with Johnnie and learn more about her click here.

Igor A. Vaserfirer: Esq. is a business and commercial real estate attorney in Norfolk, Virginia. He handles a variety of transactional and corporate matters for small and mid-market businesses. In addition to his law practice, Igor sits on the young leadership boards of WHRO, the United Jewish Federation of Tidewater, and Hermitage Museum. His professional profile.

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