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Our playgrounds need tender loving care

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We need $120

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We'll be coordinating volunteers and the materials to spruce up a number of our playgrounds. Some need a little paint. Others a few plants. While we expect to have a sponsor help coordinate us, we still need volunteers and a few dollars. Let us know this is important by "'voting" for it. Then tell others who might have an interest so we can make it happen

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April 20

Tom Manos @Improve Our Playgrounds: This is so easy! I can't wait for more challenges!

8 years ago

Don Miller @Improve Our Playgrounds: Just donated $10 - what a great idea. Maybe they'll spend some money at the playground at Llewelyn and 31st. in Norfolk

8 years ago

February 23

David Richards @Improve Our Play Grounds: This is a good idea. Hope others might jump on board by "liking" it so it becomes an active challenge

8 years ago