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Career Wellbeing

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Career Wellbeing

4/7/2016 1:47 PM EDT

For many people, especially goal-oriented and highly skilled and talented individuals, the quality of worklife and the challenges and opportunities to demonstrate a high level of achievement are important dimensions of wellbeing. Work that offers both tangible rewards such as compensation and positional power/authority and soft rewards such as recognition and achievement and purpose also are key elements to Career Wellbeing.

Ideas that are posted in this Topics area should reflect activities that emphasize career-enhancing actions. And as in the other four Wellbeing Topics areas, the best challenge ideas will be those that place a focus on teamwork and collaboration.

1. 4/7/2016 9:08 PM EDT

CHALLENGE: Describe something you think would be a career-enhancing action most people can take advantage of

2. 4/12/2016 1:35 PM EDT

I think that finding a position in one of the new innovative areas of healthcare related to the integrated care movement would be an awesome move for many people, both as a mid-career, early career or late career move. Check out the Sentara Integrated Care HIRING EVENT details that I posted on the calendar for April 20th-4pm to 7pm at Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital!

3. 4/12/2016 1:37 PM EDT

Here's the link to the Calendar information for this innovative healthcare career opportunity:


4. 4/18/2016 3:29 PM EDT

Career development programs becoming a priority...

Just now I posted an article that I read recently describing the emerging priority that career development programs are becoming as a way to attract and retain top talent. While most folks wouldn't think that career development programs are traditional employee benefits program elements, I would bet that almost every HR professional would agree that when properly positioned as such, career development programs can become a compelling talent acquisition and loyalty/engagement building tool.

Check out the entire article in the Documents tab of this profile under the HETC: Career Wellbeing folder, or click the link below:


5. 8/1/2016 4:09 PM EDT

Participating in a workplace wellness program that personalizes the experience for employees

Most workplace wellness programs are ones that are sort of built as a "one size fits all" model. Today's employees want to have the opportunity to express themselves and their views and actions within the context of their work activities. That is why workplace wellness programs like HealthETeams Challenge that are built around teamwork and collaboration, and enable employee teams to form their own responses to winning the competition and enable their knowledge and leadership to be shown are much more likely to gain an engaged following than those that are "shrink-wrapped" and not personalized or social in nature. Just check out the article I posted in the Career Wellbeing folder of the Documents tab of this HealthETeams Challenge group profile.

6. 1/3/2017 9:50 AM EST

This year I am pleased to be in a new job with a great little company which is growing fast and has a mission to put a dent into the substance abuse epidemic which seems to be growing out of control. The name of the company is RecoveryTrek and it provides third party administration services to the state-monitored professionals licensing programs.

7. 4/11/2017 3:07 PM EDT

This seems so basic, that I am almost embarrassed to mention it. But since there's a challenge that encourages submitting easy ideas here's one to consider"


Read something from the newspaper, find an online blog, view a great video, read a chapter in a book, attend a talk, have a rich conversation with someone who's opinion matters and write a short two paragraph blog about the essence of what you learned from the task.

8. 3/19/2018 9:45 AM EDT

Hey, check out my blog in the Blog section of this HealthETeams Support Group profile/hub.

9. 1/29/2019 4:05 PM EST

The idea of career wellbeing sometimes gets wrapped up in the financial wellbeing topic. Most folks think of their career as where they create their financial wellness, create wealth and build a reputation. In fact, for many people, career wellbeing has more to do with the purpose and focus on their work and attributes which may be higher on Maslow's hierarchy of needs than money or financial payoff.

10. 4/11/2019 6:29 AM EDT

Many people can begin to explore ways that their strengths can be used to fill gaps in their local communities. We know that the "sharing economy" has upended the hospitality industry (AirBnB) and taxicab industry (Uber and Lyft). What are ways that people can create new income or employment for themselves that are related to key areas of healthy living and wellbeing and leverage the new momentum around "sharing"....?

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