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Social Wellbeing

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Social Wellbeing

4/7/2016 1:40 PM EDT (edited)

According to global research conducted by Gallup Inc. and published in the book, The Five Essentials of Wellbeing written by Tom Rath in 2010, there are five dimensions of wellbeing-which is the essence of wellness: These five dimensions are:

  • Physical Wellbeing
  • Financial Wellbeing
  • Career Wellbeing
  • Social Wellbeing
  • Community Wellbeing

For an increasing number of highly skilled workers and others in more traditional jobs, adding a social dimension to their work is a very important element to their workplace wellbeing. This topic area is for posting ideas are related to Social Wellbeing-and the ideas that have the most value are those that emphasize actions related to teamwork and collaboration.

1. 4/16/2016 12:12 PM EDT

Social Wellbeing Challenge: Post a Photo of something (event, idea, activity etc.) that promotes Social Wellbeing. And write a short Blog about it on your Personal profile in HamptonRoadsCares.org.

2. 4/16/2016 12:20 PM EDT

I think attending live sports events, especially NFL games is a great way to enhance Social Wellbeing. And I like attending Pittsburgh Steelers games, especially when they win and beat arch-rivals like the Baltimore Ravens! Check out my Photo and the Blog on my Personal profile!

3. 4/16/2016 12:33 PM EDT

I think that a great way to promote Social Wellbeing is to host festive dinners-especially around special events and serving healthy, tasty and nutritious food.

Check out my Photo in the HealthETeams Challenge Photos section for Fun and Entertaining events. And check out my Blog on this in my Personal profile too!

4. 4/19/2016 1:45 PM EDT

In lieu of posting a photo, I have posted an entry onto the Calendar for a seminar for aging. I also posted a Blog on my Personal profile for why I think this learning event for loved ones of aging adults is an important Social Wellbeing opportunity.

5. 1/3/2017 9:52 AM EST

This year I plan to work hard at being a better person, putting others ahead of myself and looking for things that people are doing right, share that with others and spend less time criticizing things that are going wrong.

6. 1/28/2017 1:39 PM EST

I posted a couple of photos of an empty formal living room table all decorated for a holiday gathering of friends and loved ones. The tables are ornately and beautifully set, and the lighting sets just the right mood....

What's missing?

Without the people, and the reasons for gathering, beautiful rooms and other "settings" are just that...empty rooms waiting.

7. 2/9/2017 7:54 PM EST

Check out my Blog on this Group profile! This is too big to post only on my Personal profile.

8. 1/29/2019 4:11 PM EST

While many of us don't think our social health and our circle of friends and people we depend on and who depend on us, has a huge impact on our overall wellbeing, Gallup's research argues otherwise. Without a doubt, the old adage that memories and the love and company of dear friends and colleagues have an impact on the other four categories of wellbeing.

9. 6/24/2019 12:59 PM EDT (edited)

Check out the blog I posted today on the HealthETeams Support Group's Blog hub/portal. And view the video, it's a winner and almost needs no words to describe its message!

Or simply click on the link below:


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