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Open Model for Innovation

Posted by Thomas Edwards on September 13, 2020 1:40 PM EDT
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On numerous occasions, we have opined about the perils of big ideas and innovations that are too "transformational" or "disruptive" never making...

...their way into the marketplace or within successful organizations.

We have also described the different ways that bold innovations can be brought to market in a way that increases the likelihood of their success while reducing the odds of their failure or being shut down before hitting their stride.

So, when I was recently asked by a colleague to share a couple of words that would fit as a general description for what works in terms of bringing big ideas and innovations to market, I was struck by the difficulty of that.  So, much has been written about it, much research conducted and collectively it is quite complicated after all.  And, yet, very important if we want to continue the kind of ongoing improvements in organizational and societal change successes for the betterment of all people.

Then the two words came to me......

Iteration and Openness.

Think about the power of those two words-in combination.  And consider how applied properly to the vetting, development and implementation of big ideas those two words can impact.

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