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In Innovation, What's Better Than The Golden Rule?

Posted by Thomas Edwards on July 26, 2020 4:55 PM EDT
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At the "heart" of the innovation that we consistently proclaim is the key to breakthrough innovation in healthcare and healthy living services and products is....

....putting other people ahead of one's self and one's organization's self-interest.  For only by putting others first, can we truly see remarkable leaps in engaging what really matters in so many services innovations, solutions that fit based on caring more about making a difference for other people than serving one's own self-interest.

So, what is at the "heart" of putting others first?  Many will say it's simply applying The Golden Rule to innovative solutions that bring "orders of magnitude" to improvements in services and products that serve the larger market of consumers who often find the current solutions too inconvenient, too expensive, too complex and not adequate for the vast potential marketplace.  

You may recall that The Golden Rule says to "do unto (or for) others as you would have others do unto (or for) you".

In today's world, however, The Golden Rule is not valuable enough as a platform for truly lasting innovation.  It must be replaced by a much more precious metal in its title and purpose.  The new "heart" of putting others first and bolder innovations.  It's called The Platinum Rule.

The Platinum Rule says to "do unto (or for) others as others would have you do unto (or for) them.  Until you know what others really want and untile figure out more convenient, more affordable, more simple and more scalable ways to do unto them (or do for them) as they would want you to do unto them (or for them) then every bold innovation will fall a little bit short of its promise.

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