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Father's Day 2020: A Clearer Vision Into the Joys of Fatherhood

Posted by Joe Antle on June 21, 2020 11:35 AM EDT
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For more than three decades I have had the great honor to be a father.  And these years have been the best years of my life....fleeting though they may be as I look back on them.  However, perhaps now....

...more than ever I have become more aware that the true honor of Father's Day is in having great kids, no matter their ages!  Now that grandfatherhood has become a reality with both kids having kids of their own, it has become even more joyous to me.  The miracles of a loving and devoted family.  One that I am so proud of.

To me, now more than ever, Father's Day really should be called Kids Day or Offspring Day, since the celebration really should be about the great kids, progeny or offspring.  For when a father has great kids as I do, then every day is Father's Day.  Ultimately, it has been said, the sign of a life well-lived and of one's success in life is that of the kids that person has been a parent of.  And my two kids are awesome.  They're adults now, with big jobs, loving spouses, great friends, and kids of their own.

The truth is that my wife has been a great mother and has raised two successful, and accomplished adults.  I have been her supporter, helper when asked, and cheerleader,  However, the two great kids that we (she) raised and their two great spouses, our kids-in-law, are really the result of my wife's total devotion to them throughout their lives, both then, now and later as the uncertain future unfolds.

So, what does such a blog posting on a publishing hub profile such as this one have to do with Father's Day and the joys of great kids and awesome young grandkids have to do with the application of innovation in resolving or alleviating the ills of socio-economic issues that plague all people?  I've thought about that pretty deeply....and here's my very simple explanation.

The future is really theirs' and making it better will require more collaborative, interactive, and game-changing activities laden with civic engagement and cross-generational and cross-cultural cooperation than ever before.  Truly the government, private sector, volunteers, employers, and experts in all manner of socio-economic issues will not be able to pull this off on their own.  It will take the combined and sharing of resources, knowledge, activity and rewards across all these sectors to accomplish resolution, or at least, sustained improvements in the many socio-economic issues that exist today and will likely grow in importance in the years ahead.

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