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Memorial Day 2020: Thoughts and Thanks for Our Fallen Military Heroes

Posted by Thomas Edwards on May 25, 2020 9:10 AM EDT
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Each year on Memorial Day we take time to give thanks for our freedoms that are secured by a strong military....

...and to honor those heroes who have fallen in the ultimate sacrifice of protecting our freedoms both at home and abroad.

These days we face many challenges on multiple fronts.  Some are economic, others are related to health and safety.  Our educational systems and infrastructure that supports our free American way of life need attention.  Our aging population is not fully prepared for retirement, and traditional jobs may be hard to come by in the future.  Many young people face mounting college debt.  And now, we face an enemy where using the metaphor of war and winning against all odds against the COVID-19 pandemic presses our resolve as well.

However, we must never forget that despite domestic and foreign relations challenges, the role our military plays is so critical.  The strong and devoted U.S. military is foundational in providing us the security we need to pursue these challenges and seek new solutions to them...the freedom to innovate and make things better for all citizens without fear of retribution if we don't get it right the first time.

Let us never forget the sacrifices of those who have protected all we hold dear.  On this Memorial Day, as in all others, let us resolve to properly and vigorously recognize and support our veterans.  Let's cheer those who are with us still and support them and their families and loved ones.  And let us remember and never forget the gifts of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice is military service for protecting each of us and the freedoms that make being an American a blessing.

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