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Healthy Tribute to Mothers Who CARE

Posted by Thomas Edwards on May 10, 2020 9:15 AM EDT
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On this Mother's Day, I wanted to post a very short, but sincere, tribute to the many mothers across our great country and the world, who CARE for others, not just...

....for their own children, but for those children of other mothers as well.

You see, in some ways regardless of age, we are all children of some mother somewhere----even if that somewhere is in the great beyond.  My own memories of my mother who cared so deeply for her children (me included :)) that it is incalculable the personal sacrifices that she made to put her children first and guide them to a better life.

Looking back on those many memories and her efforts to put all others ahead of herself, but especially the profound sacrifices she made for me and my siblings, is humbling.  On this day, and most every other day, I think of her with the utmost love, devotion, and admiration.  

However, on this day I also think of the sacrifices my wife has made for my children.  And she has made many sacrifices for me too since every great wife at times plays the role of mother and guide to her spouse.  

Finally, with sincere appreciation and thankfulness, I pay tribute to the many mothers who CARE for the children of all ages who are children of other mothers who may be afflicted with the dreaded COVID-19 or who are striving and struggling to live normal lives amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.  May God's greatest blessings for health and sustenance fall heavily on these mothers who CARE and are heroes among us!

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Healthy Tribute to Mothers Who CARE
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