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COVID 19: The Ultimate "TEST"

Posted by Chip Block on March 17, 2020 6:55 AM EDT
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While testing to validate whether citizens have contracted the coronavirus is a key action among quite a few that experts believe is not within the control of everyday people, much of what is recommended.....

...is absolutely in control of the collective, disciplined and sustained actions that every citizen of all ages can do and must do to contain this sudden, fast-spreading and deadly strain of virus.

So, while there are impressive advances in the testing distribution model for this COVID 19 menace (ie: parking lots of some large national retailers, eventually some self-tests kits may emerge, etc.), the other actions are simple, cost nothing, are effective and people can do them themselves without any assistance from anyone else. This is the ultimate test of whether Americans when faced with devestatingly fast and dangerous health threats can really buckle down and get it done.  No excuses are necessary or are even applicable here.  No special equipment, no training needed, no help from experienced others, no need for special incentives and absolute certainty that when done "en masse", the results will be amazing!

So, the utlimate test is not a lab test, or anything specifically related to the medical infrastructure per se other than the passing the ultimate test will reduce the anticipated burden on the medical system if it is not adhered to "at scale".  This ultimate test is simply, and I do mean SIMPLY, can we as people make this happen and throw out this new threat to our health and wellbeing in all five of the essential components of how Gallup describes health and wellbeing (social, community, physical, financial and career)? Can we do all of the following things everyday, throughout each day for the next two months or so....?  (Maybe not forever, although that is a good idea too!).

-Wash our hands with warm water for 20 seconds every time we come in contact with anything or anyone

-Stay in our homes and reduce our contact with others

-If we must go out of our homes, stay at least six feet from physical contact

-Check our temperatures throughout the day

-Use hand sanitizers and clean the surfaces of appliances, electronic equipment, hard surfaces throughout our homes periodically 

-Do our work remotely, staying in touch through the wonders of modern media tools such as mobile phones, web conference tools, email etc.

-Keep a close eye (and ear) out for older citizens

-Order take out food and other consumer goods-take advantage of ecommerce, new models of home delivery and support our local businesses

-And Pray for devine intervention....but also that others can do these simple, healthy, mostly free and repetitive actions every day!

If we can "get 'er done" on this one, then there is REAL HOPE that we can also do the slightly more difficult but personally controllable lifestyle changes that can reduce the killer impact of chronic obesity, substance abuse and addiction, some forms of cancer and heart disease and diabetes.

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