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Sustainable Innovation Requires Disciplined Execution

Posted by Joe Antle on February 21, 2020 11:10 PM EST
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Thomas' earlier blog posting has raised curiosity as to the role of effective and disciplined execution.....

...in productive and sustainable innovation.

While many sometimes think of innovation as being akin to the invention of a purely disruptive model, in actuality most innovations that stay the course of time have to have an effective execution process to withstand the pressures of the innovator's dilemma.  And we know that the innovator's dilemma is the impact of good managers making judgments which reduce the overall impact of the innovation but in fact reduce its riskiness.

So, it only makes sense that the antidote to suppressing the impact of the innovator's dilemma that good managers will either reject it or reduce its impact in pursuit of risk of failure mitigation is to implement and manage the innovation with a disciplined execution model.

Let's see what Thomas' next blog posting has to say about that...

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