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Keeper's Watch: A Special Life Appreciated and a Dog Well Loved

Posted by Joe Antle on January 14, 2020 12:45 PM EST
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They are forever blessed.  They can't talk, yet they communicate with passion and compassion.  They cannot feed themselves, and yet they have appetites galore.  And in my continued quest to understand meaningful support mechanisms that help people live healthier, happier and mentally stable lives, and that are accessible and affordable to vast numbers of people, young and old....

.....I sometimes forget the amazing influence and comfort of man's best friend, a loving, loyal and tolerant companion-though thick and thin.  A dog transcends even the worst of circumstances.  

Then the worst of circumstances befells some of these wonderful creatures, miracles of God's divine intervention.  But mortals all the same. They bring such comfort and peace to the lives of their owners and their owners friends and family.  But they are with us such a short time....and the good ones last a lifetime in our memories.

And then there IS Keeper.

Keeper is the beloved duck tolling retriever that has blessed our lives for seven years now.  He is our "grand-dog" our first "grand being".  The first pet of our second born and her husband.  Loved life a child from day one.  Full of spunk and vigor, with a robust bark and a desire to jump in a swimming pool any time of day or year.  A couple of weeks ago, Keeper fell ill with a most mysterious and frightful ailment.  His red blood count plummeted and he had no energy.  Death was at the doorstep.  After a long and tearful week, Keeper has seemingly bounced back.

The veterinarian could not explain what was the cause of what was happening to him.  Nor could the vet explain what needed to be done for him to survive.  And yet, with our prayers still in abundance, our blessed Keeper is doing better.  His vitals are stronger, his appetite has returned and he is his old self-smiling, barking and playing with-leading the pack which includes our own beloved two dogs.  Keeper spent a few days with us and the turnaround came.  Still not over the hill, but getting better each day we are revitalized with hope for our dear Keeper, four-legged friend and man's best friend.

Keeper is a reminder of the power of support, the strength of the pack and the never-ending promise of the healing spirit of people who care.

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