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Working Well into the "Golden Years"

Posted by Thomas Edwards on December 5, 2019 11:30 AM EST
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We know from Gallup Inc.'s research published in their book, "The Five Essentials of Wellbeing", that one of the top drivers of living well is....

...Career Wellbeing.  A question that people who arrive at the "Golden Years" of their lives may very well be....what is Career Wellbeing in the context of that period in their lives.

Much research has been published and continues to be found that describes how older people are making more choices to continue working past their traditional retirement age.  We have even written on this in our past blog posts.  While it is a rich and important question to explore and one which is likely to change as time goes by, it is important to understand that for each individual the answer may vary greatly from others.  However, the reasons driving the choice to continue working, either full-time or part-time falls into a few common "buckets"

Some need extra income to supplement income shortfalls in the retirement plans, such as their 401K or social security.  Others choose it because they find work interesting and important, and they may not have other things that they'd rather do with their free time.  Still, others will want to pursue working choices they never had time to fully engage in during their traditional working years.  It's doubtful that most will choose it because they have read Gallup Inc.'s research that Career Wellbeing is one of the five essential elements to a life well-lived.  And even if they do pursue it for that reason, what are the best options for Career Wellbeing when you're choices may be more limited due to a variety of reasons, including finding employers willing to employ people who are past traditional retirement age?

Again, probably the answers will vary based on the individual.  But a predictable solution for many will find their way into jobs and income streams that have meaning....and can provide money.  So, the word and the acronym CARE again emerges as a suggestion for many of those folks, myself included. 

Maybe in this context, the acronym for the word CARE is "Careers After Retirement Ends"....?

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