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"The Golden Years"-Let's HOPE So!

Posted by Joe Antle on November 27, 2019 2:55 PM EST
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Continuing on the theme of aging, I offer this thought.  Every year, my birthday happens to fall somewhere within a week or so of......

....Thanksgiving Day.  I often joke around with friends and family that every seven years Thanksgiving Day and my birthday are on the same day!  They always seem to smirk when I tell them that the whole nation is giving thanks on my birthday.

I'm writing this blog today, partly to continue the theme of the pending crisis associated with our aging population (baby boomers-ME) and the fact that many have not prepared financially or mentally for their retirement.  Because today happens to be the day between my birthday and Thanksgiving Day, I just found it interesting to comment on the fact that I'm now officially in my "golden years"-still working full-time and thankful for the opportunity to do so.

Therefore, today being in-between the official age in which folks typically say they're in their Golden Years and the day all free Americans should be giving Thanks for their collective and individual blessings, I have decided to merge the two themes into one short blog posting.

In past blogs, we have had fun poking at the tendency of the healthcare industry to use acronyms.  One past blog focused on the acronym HOPE as one with great meaning, essentially meaning "helping other people excel".  Our view has been that by helping other people excel we give them HOPE for a better tomorrow and we share in that through the great feeling of having given HOPE to someone else, thus making our lives more meaningful, productive and purposeful.

Today, however, I want to suggest another possible useful acronym meaning for the acronym word HOPE.  Because now that I have reached the Golden Years and am thankful for gainful and meaningful employment with a purpose, the words that make up my new thinking about the acronym HOPE are these:  healthy optimism promotes engagement.  I find that with aging we lose some ground-we might get heavier, lose weight, have some health issues surface, lose loved ones-friends and family, see our energy fall, find less career opportunities and so on.  However, if we have healthy optimism and promote engagement then we may find we can regain and recover some of the things we have lost through the aging process.  And by doing that, we can truly make the Golden Years one full of brightness, meaning and yes, HOPE!

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