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Management Innovations Must Include More Openness and "Freedom"

Posted by Chip Block on July 5, 2019 3:25 PM EDT
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Yesterday, we Americans once again celebrated the precious freedoms that were provided in the constitution almost 250 years ago.  Yes, still today in the "governance" of most American business hierarchies, the essence of freedom of choice is not.....

....fully enabled due to the older business leadership and management models of "command and control", "centralization of management decisionmaking" or "chains of command".

As a management, leadership and organizational change consultant I am always amused by the need for managers to control and command their staffs.  And how so many of them are so unaware of the combined energy they rob from their organizations through the damage they do to the spirit of the workers to whom they should report...versus the traditional reporting structure of hierarchial organizations today.

The irony is that most organizations' leaders, and the controlling and sometimes stifling, managers they employ to build productive, energized, innovative and growing operations have just the opposite effect.  In making sure that nobody makes avoidable mistakes, that the organization is focused on tried and true methods that used to work, that employees are held accountable and are treated like they are "workers" not "partners in performance", these people actually cut the performance of their organizations and their organizations' people.

Now is the time for strong leaders and their future-forward managers to embrace the power of the "July 5th Independence Day" mood and help their employees join together to create revolutionary change and improvements in organizational and collective performance.  Ban the rules, stop stopping initiative and inventiveness and wave a flag for unflagging determination and persistence.  

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