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Memorial Day 2019: Remembering America's Fallen Military Heroes

Posted by Joe Antle on May 27, 2019 7:55 AM EDT
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There are times that we should look beyond the many enjoyable aspects of federal holidays such as....

....Memorial Day and think about the truly awsome benefits of being Americans and the freedoms we enjoy and think about the much larger meaning of the federal holiday.  This Memorial Day 2019, we have much to be proud of, thankful for and humble about.  While much in the world and in our nation is still not right, the rights that we enjoy to find solutions for these issues are guaranteed by our Constitution and Bill of Rights and secured by a strong military and brave Americans, many of whom have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Let us not ever take these sacrifices for granted and cherish today as a time to reflect on what is right in the world and our country, much of which has been purchased by the sacrifice of the brave men and women, some of whom have done so through the ultimate sacrifice of their lives.

I reprint with pride some fine words from a beautifully written editorial column in today's edition of The Virginian-Pilot.  This is a small snippet of a well-written piece that honors those who have kept us free for so many years, and who gave their lives in the process.  I encourage readers, if you so desire, to read the rest of the editiorial.  It is a fine piece of work and in itself honors the fallen heroes upon whose sacrifices we enjoy the freedoms we have in our country today.

Partially Reprinted from The Virginian-Pilot's "Our Views" column Monday, May 27, 2019:

"Most tallies of deaths in the War on Terror don't count the growing number of suicides among troops and veterans with PTSD and other psychological scars, but they are war victims too".

"We owe the men and women tasked with guaranteeing the scurity of our nation.  When things go wrong, we should honor their deaths, and help those they leave behind".

"Our responsibility as citizens does not end there.  We owe it to those who serve now and in the future to try to ensure that those political leaders who when them into harm's way are as wiose, thoughtful and principled as possible".

"Service members who die in an action or war that's later judged to have been wrong are just as dead.  They were doing their jobs.  They were trying to protect us and the essential preinciples of a nation that, when at its best, is a beacon of democracy and freedom".

"We should honor our war dead by offering a moment of silence.  We should also honor them by payiung attention and speadking out about what is right".

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