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Finished Two "Great Reads"

Posted by Thomas Edwards on March 9, 2019 10:15 AM EST
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Just a heads-up to my highly regarded colleagues, I plan to post.....

...a follow-up to my last blog posting about two books I have been reading that I think may provide some useful insight to our efforts to better understand various models of innovation and to gain knowledge on how best to use those models to help drive improvements in community-based socio-economic issues.

The bottom line and advance notice is that the two books do provide big insights.  The combination with the topics of "market-creating innovation that drives economic development and prosperity in poor countries" (Christensen) AND "evidence-based substance abuse recovery solutions that build stronger families" may provide some very useful knowledge application opportunities.

In my minimalistic style reviews of these two books and my broader objective of seeking to apply the two books findings to an area of interest I have a great passion for, I will focus on ideas around how these findings could potentially help drive healthier communities.  And since I have always felt that improving employee benefits is a key component of leveraging healthier communities, then I'll try to weave that into my blog post as well.  After all, more than 90% of all residents of communities are employed and most employers offer employee benefits of some form or another.  So, finding ways to innovate in the employee benefits space that can drive health improvements at scale can potentially have a lasting and positive impact on improved population health.

So, look for my next blog which I plan to publish in the next few days!

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