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The Importance of Localism and Place

Posted by Joe Antle on March 5, 2019 7:50 AM EST
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In our interconnected and global economy-driven world, the great importance of place, regionalism and where people live, work and play is sometimes.....

...lost amongst the sheer magnitude of global markets and institutions.

That is why I am looking forward to reading fellow blogger Thomas Edwards' upcoming blogs related to the two new books he is reading.  Both books seem to be important and suggest that place matters-at least at the country level or even state level.  I am thinking that place is even more important when its focus is on local and regional issues many of which may expand across many regions, states or countries.  

That said, I plan to write a couple of blogs in the coming weeks to build on some of what can be learned from Thomas' interpretation of the books he is reading and applying those to the context of this blogging platform which is how to innovation, social collaboration and stronger and better information exchange help transform egregious socio-economic issues?

I'll begin by exploring some recent and interesting self-promotion campaigns for local media, specifically my beloved newspaper and TV industries which have been so adversely impacted by the Internet and disruptive innovation.  Then I plan to follow that up with some thinking about what Thomas' has to say as it relates to our primary purpose with this publishing platform which is to try to bring insight on how things can help everyday people work together to find solutions that benefit the largest number of people.

While creating solutions that can "scale rapidly" is always an important marketing and management paradigm, the idea that resolving solutions in local markets, leveraging the power of good and informative information sharing and coordinating action for improving things may trigger scalability despite the obvious constraints of geographically defined "space".  Thomas and I will try to coordinate our blog posts so that we stay somewhat true to our respective contexts, meaning that I'll keep the focus on how media and innovation can integrate to address socio-economic issues that have broad horizons but that are experienced and dealt with in local and regional places.  Thomas will address ways that his reading and perspectives on population health and the emerging need to improve employee and workplace benefits can leverage innovation and place.

We'll keep you posted...:)

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