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A.I.M. for Breakthrough Success

Posted by Joe Antle on December 28, 2018 3:05 PM EST
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I want to introduce a new periodic series that I have been working on over the last few months..... hopes that it will be a fresh way to think about how to leverage the techniques of innovation within and across enterprises. 

The idea of healthy organizations as framed by notes teamwork author Anthony Lencioni in his book "The Advantage" is that those who work well together, create focused and aligned strategies and communicate throughout the organization is the new competitive advantage.  Further, in today's networked economy, and with topics as broad as improving population health, delivering impressive results on regional collective impact initiatives of all sorts and strengthening communities as defined geographically, the principles can be applied uniformly within and across organizations and even regions.

The objective I primarily have for this series, which will run from time to time, without a set schedule of publishing, is to provide useful tips for employees and for members of organizations of all sizes and levels of authority.  You see, A.I.M. is an acronym (here we go again with more acronyms:) for Applied Innovation Management for Breakthrough Success.  In truth, I will sometime imagine myself to be a college lecturer or a speaker to business leaders as I try to make the principles of innovation live in organizations and be relevant to more folks, than fewer people.

Making theoretical subjects like innovation live in lots of people's minds as a relevant topic worth taking up in earnest is as much about the "applied" word than "innovation management".  Because, frankly, many people do not think that "innovation management" is applicable to them in their roles in their organizations, projects or communities.  So, making it relevant and useful will require thinking and communicating how the concept of "innovation management" can be applicable to the kinds of challenges anyone in a role of management or influence can bring to bear to get much better results than traditional techniques such as command and control, formal authority and political dimensions.

Lastly, I will look for opportunities to opine as to how the idea of "applied innovation management" can be relevant to the notion of building healthier communities, organizations, strengthening collective impact projects and fostering healthier communities in all the various angles of how the idea of healthier communities may be considered.

So, bear with me.  It won't be easy to fit this in with the topics we have focused on to date and within the intermittent blog posts that will likely come from both Chip and Thomas.  But I'll give it the ol' college try!

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