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Christmas Eve 2018: Humble Beginnings

Posted by Thomas Edwards on December 24, 2018 12:30 PM EST
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For believers and non-believers alike, the influence of the story of the birth of Jesus Christ continues to carry the message of hope, redemption and a life of service..... others for centuries.

In the United States and throughout much of the world, the celebration of the Christmas season often carries a confusing message of consumerism, and love of family and friends.  In some ways, many people feel that the true message of the "reason for the season" gets lost in the activities, spending, Santa Claus and all the other images that make the season such a fun and lively aspect of a free society and one based on the power of the consumer.

When things are quiet and the hustle and bustle of the season begins to settle down, it is still more important to reflect on the humble beginnings of a revolutionary purpose-believing in a higher power, a benevolent God whose son came to Earth to bring salvation and to carry a simple message.  It is better to give than to receive and that the true Gold in the Golden Rule is to put others before oneself.  Ultimately, the story plays out and the sacrifice of life on Earth brings the power of redemption and putting others first in a context that is hard for most humans to truly understand and emulate.

So, how does this season provide meaning to efforts to improve the plight of mankind"  And how do we begin to understand how this message can be applied in dealing with the social-economic challenges facing the world today, especially in the context of improving health in all its dimensions and leveraging innovative approaches in the process?

These and other questions are hard to contemplate.  

But the humble beginnings shared in the beautiful story of Christmas and the birth of Christ, and HIS life of putting others first and loving others and providing a pathway for redemption truly have meaning that is hard to deny.

HOPE, LOVE, FAITH, CARE, FORGIVENESS and SELFLESSNESS are words that bring power to those pursuing challenges that seem too daunting to even consider mastering.  Yet, in the age-old story, we find the clues to a better way.  

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