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Disruptive Innovations Often "Erupt": When A Disruption Occurs

Posted by Joe Antle on November 1, 2018 6:15 AM EDT
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 During times of disruption in economies, technology, governmental policies or changes in human conditions.....

...there is often the "tipping point", that triggers a latent disruption or generates a rapid adoption of a disruptive innovation amongst a large percentage of the population who has not been eager to jump forward into an established market with products and services whose features make them "overshot" for that population.

As the saying goes, "these are the times that test men's (and women's) souls".  Or perhaps a better saying may apply, such as "we live in i-n-t-e-r-e-s-t-i-n-g times".  Or even better-'no time like the present"  Finally, many disruptors embrace the opportunities or perhaps new needs created by the macro-environment's disruptive event and say to themselves, "if not now, then when; in not here then where; if not, then who"?

In thinking of the issues facing our world today, it's hard to determine which are the most pressing for the most people.  Is it world hunger-both in third world countries and in "food desserts" in our local communities?  Or maybe the impact of the aging population on health care costs and lack of retirement funds?  How about public and secondary education?  Any reason to not worry about the environment, climate change and sea level rise (if you live in coastal regions)?  Anyone willing to ignore terrorism, whether it be imposed by radical factions or mentally ill people domestically?  How about public transportation, civic engagement, political polarizing or poverty and economic inequity?  Anyone willing to cast a vote for delaying a quest for sustainable solutions to substance abuse, the opioid crisis, alcoholism and other addictions?  Broken families, domestic violence, lack of opportunities and abuse for some/many women (# me-too movement) or age discrimination, racial bias in the workplace or illegal immigation and its impact on society and economic opportunities for our own citizens?  Jobs and the chance for economic opportunites?  Foreign trade and the federal deficit?

Whic issue(s) are the most important and what aspects of disruptive innovation or what disruptive innovations may have the most potential?

In my mind, and I believe in the minds of most people, the answers don't come easily.  But this one thing we know for sure...the environment for disruptive innovation and the idea of thinking big about ideas that may seem at first to be too small, too simple, too cheap, too convenient, too risky and too obvious to work has never been better!

So, in a saying often repeated through the words of the great leader Winston Churchhill..."never say never, never, ever say never:....

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This is a good blog post by Joe. It wraps up the other ones he has published which describe the essential elements of disruptive innovations. One thing that stands out in this final wrap-up blog is that the did not emphasize how even when disruptions occur and the begin to gain momentum and traction in large segments of the incumbents' non-consumer market segments, the incumbents dig in even harder to push their current model better than before-all the while figuring that the fundamental reason that their operational execution is failing faster and faster is because of the disruptive innovation.
This of course is one of Joe's earlier points in this series of blogs.

Chip Block photo
Chip Block

3 months ago

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