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How are health and wealth alike?

Posted by Thomas Edwards on December 12, 2017 9:20 AM EST
Thomas  Edwards photo

As a management consultant and employer benefits advisor, I find the parallels between wealth accumulation and living a healthy life strikingly....

...similar in many ways.

In a paragraph or so I'll list some of the ways that I think these two concepts are alike.  But before I do that, I'd like to offer a simple observation, an opinion of sorts.  Bear with me, it won't be a long one or one that is too provocative to consider reasonable.

Here it is:  most people want to get rich quick and most people want to take a pill, have some surgery, find a gadget or two.  Like the famous Aesops fable of the tortoise and the hare, most people are like the hare.  They would rather sit back and relax and enjoy themselves than to diligently plod along step by step, yard by yard, year by year and achieve their goals slowly but surely.  Hey, you could even say that most people are like the grasshopper and the ant.  They would rather sit back and laugh at the lowly ant storing things away for the inevitable winter, or tough times ahead.  

Wealth and health, two concepts where doing the right things, doing them over and over, taking measured risks and letting time, focus and discipline take care of you ultimately with in fact take care of you.

So, in the season of "lists", here's my humble list for the top ten ways that wealth and health are alike:

1.  Both require a plan

2.  Less than 10% are purely healthy because of their genes, less than 10% of people with wealth inherited it.

3.  Discipline in doing the right things overcomes get rich quick schemes and be healthy overnight gimmicks

4. It's easy to forget what path got you to good health and to wealth when you get there

5. Humility and a healthy dose of fear of failure can make a big difference in the long run

6.  Surrounding oneself with others who have similar disciplines in the pursuit of health and wealth is a great way to stay on track

7.  Speaking of staying on track, lots of little steps over a long time make up for big risks and big steps that often don't sustain themselves

8.  Get rich quick, like get fit fast, or lose weight now or overcome substance abuse with a pill and on and on don't do it

9. Wealthy people who got there the hard way rarely live indulgent lifestyles, long-term healthy people rarely eat extravagantly

10. Less than 10% of the 10% of America's wealthiest people inherited it, they earned it the good old-fashioned way.  Healthy lifestyles is a pursuit that almost anyone can embark on-good genes help but most healthy people have to do it the old-fashioned way-earn it!

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