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The Wrong Direction: Scary New Data

Posted by Joe Antle on October 29, 2017 1:45 PM EDT
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Several new research studies reveal a U.S. health and retirement trend that is definitely going in the wrong direction. A recent article, written by Ben Steverman of Bloomberg News, illustrates that "we're retiring later, dying sooner and are sicker in between".....

...and if you add in the out-of-control escalation of healthcare costs, it seems to be a four-fold crush on American consumers who want to live the American Dream.  So, exactly what does the article say?

The article grabs attention but it doesn't offer specific directions as to what needs to happen next.  But selected excerpts from the article make the choices fairly obvious.

Check out these key quotes from Mr. Steverman's article:

-"The U.S. retirement age is rising, as the government pushes it higher and workers stay in careers longer".  

-"But lifespans aren't necessarily extending to offer equal time on the beach.  Data released recently suggest American's health is declining and millions of middle-age workers face the prospect of shorter, and less active, retirements than their parents enjoyed".

-"Postponing retirement can make sense because extended careers can make it possible to afford retirements that last past age 90 or even 100.  But a study this out this month adds some caution to the calculation.  Americans in their late 50s already have more serious health problems than people at the same aged did 10 to 15 years ago, according to the journal Health Affairs".

-"Researchers have offered many theories doe why Americans' health is getting worse.  An epidemic of suicide, drug overdoses, and alcohol abuse have caused a spike in death rates in middle-age whites".

-"Higher rates of obesity may also be taking their toll.  And Americans may have already seen most of the benefits from previous positive developments such a decline in smoking and statins that fight cardiovascular disease".

Listen, most readers of such an article will not view it in the context that many of us who write and/or read blogs in places like this portal, HealthETeams Support Group do.  Most readers, just as most Americans tend to look at this data as being not relevant, someone else's problem or something that cannot be solved.

I say, BUNK!  Every one of us can help to bring resolve to and solve this issue.  This is the essence of recovery, reinvention, reinvigoration, redemption, renovation, remodeling, reconstruction, rethinking, re-engineering and most words that start with the two letters, "re...".

While hard to do, yet easy to say and imagine, helping other people excel (hope) and community awareness and recovery education (care) is within everyone's grasp.  If we can as individuals can live healthier lives, and help others to do the same, then who knows what the economic impact can be, how much longer and better Americans can live and work and how quickly these ugly recently released data can be reversed?!

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This blog refers to very interesting new data that reinforces pretty much what we already know. The issue it doesn't address, which is the crux of the issue from my perspective, is the issue of what policy changes can be made and what private market solutions can be provided that can help us deal with this pending crisis-a "perfect unhealthy storm"?

Thomas  Edwards photo
Thomas Edwards

1 year ago

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