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Health Insurance vs. Health Assurance

Posted by Joe Antle on July 3, 2017 2:00 PM EDT
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Which is the bigger benefit, helping employees help each other help themselves live healthier lives....

...or helping them pay for health insurance so they can have a way to pay for the consequences of leading unhealthy lives?

It seems so simple, doesn't it?  When you consider the extraordinary expenses of employer-sponsored employee health benefits the only times that the employees receive the true benefit is when they are unhealthy and have to get healthcare.  But wouldn't the assurance of being more healthy, more energized, fitter and better equipped to do more productive and effective work be a bigger benefit day in and day out?  And where and how do employees actually become better educated and REWARDED for being healthy?  And where do they go to get a dramatically better chance of being healthy?  Wouldn't the assurance of being healthy have greater value than only having a benefit when one is unhealthy?

Just think about it for a moment... 

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