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Key Priorities for Health Reform

Posted by Joe Antle on June 26, 2017 9:35 PM EDT
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While the national conversation has been largely political in nature and has focused on the "health insurance reform" efforts.... has become quite obvious that some really meaningful and potentially important ideas are beginning to surface.

For example, in yesterday's Opinion section of The Sunday edition of The Virginian-Pilot, there was an excellent piece written by J.C. Hernandez, the Virginia stage director of Americans for Prosperity.  The title of his opinion piece was 'A growing option for cost-saving health care".  And the focus was on the emerging trend for "direct primary care"-something loosely akin to the mass market's version of concierge medicine where patients pay a monthly, or annual fee, to access a schedule of value-priced health care options.  This article in conjunction with a recent article of the re-emerging (back to the future again) trend to doctors making house calls and the notion of Medicare for the Masses, begins to stimulate some thinking about breaking up the pieces of the healthcare and health insurance fee for services model into all kinds of different ways to slice the onion.

So, while the politicians continue to force poorly designed solutions down their constituents throats, others are suggesting meaningful ideas that make sense for many Americans.  Wouldn't it be great if the focus shifted from "health insurance" to "HEALTH ASSURANCE" for a change?!

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