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They are forever blessed.  They can't talk, yet they communicate with passion and compassion.  They cannot feed themselves, and yet they have appetites galore.  And in my continued quest to understand meaningful support mechanisms that help people live healthier, happier and mentally stable lives, and that are accessible and affordable to vast numbers of people, young and old....

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2020: Happiness, Health and Prosperity

Posted by Joe Antle on January 1, 2020 8:25 AM EST
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The year 2020 brings to mind the idea of "focus".  Not just "vision" in the long term sense of the word, but on specific points of value that can be created by aiming actions directly on the things that matter most.  And 2020, like most years, appears to be quite interesting as we look ahead to it.  When you consider that there seems to be so many challenges to be met and overcome, it is hard to decide which ones are the most important.  However, as we have suggested in many of our blog posts in the past five years or so.......

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