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Good News for Virginia Business Coalition on Health

Posted by Joe Antle on September 10, 2015 8:45 PM EDT
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Virginia Business Coalition on Health Becomes a Part of Virginia Hospital and Healthcare Association

Here is some great news relative to the organization that has been so helpful in helping us design, develop and vet the HealthETeams Challenge concept:

August 27, 2015 

Dear Virginia Business Coalition on Health Member ,

We write today to inform you of an exciting development regarding the future of the Virginia Business Coalition on Health (VBCH).  The VBCH Board of Directors has recently approved an agreement to affiliate with the Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Association (VHHA), the Commonwealth’s preeminent membership organization for health care. 

VHHA is comprised of thirty member health systems representing 107 community, psychiatric, rehabilitation and specialty hospitals.  It also has fifty associate members representing various businesses and health care stakeholders.  VHHA’s vision is to help make Virginia the healthiest state in the nation.  To accomplish this goal, it focuses on: principled, innovative and effective advocacy; promoting initiatives that improve health care safety, quality, value and service; and, aligning forces among health care and business entities to advance health and economic opportunity for all Virginians.  In other words, VBCH and VHHA are a good fit. 

Through this affiliation, VBCH will remain a separate 501(c)(3) and maintain its own Board of Directors.  VHHA will provide administrative support and management oversight and will seek opportunities to grow the organization and its influence on health policy.  VBCH members will benefit from VHHA resources and support, which will not only enable VBCH to continue our existing programming, but will also enable us to expand our offerings and influence in health care.  Health care policy across the United States and Virginia continues to change, and the combined experience and expertise of VBCH and VHHA has the potential to effect beneficial, positive change over health care policy in Virginia. 

The affiliation of VHHA and VBCH is a win-win for our members and our mission.  In the short-term, very little will change.  In the long-term we will expand not only our programming, but also our membership through exploring innovative new concepts and educational opportunities in partnership with VHHA. 

These are exciting times for the VBCH and the VHHA, and we look forward to your continuing partnership as we affect positive health care policy and health outcomes throughout Virginia. 

Further information will be forthcoming.  In the meantime, should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. 



Neil P. McNulty                                                           Stephen Cyrus President/CEO , VBCH                                      Vice Chairman, VBCH Board            




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